Who do you see in your mind when your think about a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER?

Probably a hunched man wearing glasses, a flannel shirt or an old loose t-shirt, who is glued to his computer, right? He doesn’t talk much and when he eventually says something noone understands what he’s talking about. Usually he is smart, but what does it matter if he is anti-social and stays in his own circle of other software developers? His only food is pizza and coca-cola, sometimes he grabs a beer.

OK, we picture him also this way 😉 But we try to show, that it may look totally different.




Here is Przemek Czatrowski and Magda Czatrowska. We are software developers. And we love to travel.

Przemek works as a game engine programmer, Magda is a SAP ABAP programmer. We love our jobs, but after work we obsessively read books and watch movies and TV series. We are a mix of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, Velma from Scooby Doo, Ross from Friends and Brainy Smurf.

We like board games, sushi and long road-trips.

We have met at Warsaw University of Technology, when we studied together. And one of our wedding guests was Darth Vader. Seriously.

fot. Łukasz Śliwka, www.dwatak.pl

Now we live and work in Warsaw, Poland. Our profession is global, so maybe it will change and we will work in some other place in the world. We tried it a little during studies: Przemek used to work in Norway during summer, Magda at first participated in Work & Travel Programme in the USA, and then she was an Erasmus student in UK. Now we both work full-time, travel together and try to use 26 days of holidays per year as efficiently (and wisely) as possible.

Przemek brews his own beer (PL) in his free time, Magda has itchy feet and loves to plan where they will go next. And that’s how TroPiMy was invented.

Geeki Podróżniki in Polish means traveling geeks, which fits perfectly to our way of traveling.

Przemek i Magda

What is this blog about and why we do it?

We started writing a blog after coming back from our 3-week trip to the eastern part of the USA in 2013. We planned it from scratch on our own and we brought lots of pictures and movies. We didn’t want to keep all that only in our sweet memories and hard-drives. We started up a blog to document places we visited, to have even more reasons to develop photos and edit movies and to collect useful tips and tricks. Maybe someone will use them? Or we will inspire someone?

But most of all we would like to show, that it’s WORTH to travel and explore the world. Especially if you work in IT and most of your life takes place in front of a keyboard and a screen.

It’s good to leave the virtual world from time to time and admire the real one.

And last but not least, we try to prove that a software developer is not an alien from outer space and it’s really worth to get to know him (and her) better!



Cooperation and contact

If after reading these few paragraphs above you think that we can do something great together, that’s awesome! Contact us!


We are social, therefore you can find us in many social media too. Feel free to follow us:

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